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Two More Familiar Platitudes

     from Get Over It by Paul Hasselbeck and Bil Holton (curated)

Platitude 3: “It is what it is.”
What This Phrase Assumes:
This phrase assumes that whatever is happening in our life is what is happening in our life! And it prompts us to rationalize that we might as well just get used to it just the way it is. This phrase is frequently linked to the idea that everything is happening as it is supposed to be happening.
Get over it!
Yes, what it is, it is—AND that is not the end of it. We do not have to stay stuck with what we have, just because it is what it is. Nor are things happening as they are supposed to. this type of thinking keeps us stuck and mired in the continuing abdication of our personal power.
Truth triage:
The truth is that whatever IS in our life is affected by what we name it or call it. We have dominion (control) over whatever is in our lives and especially what is in our minds through the power of our minds. If we call something bad then we treat it bad and go about finding more reasons why it's bad. If we call something good, then we go about finding good in it or creating good out of the situation. This places the power where it has always been—and always will be—at the point of us.
Replacement phrase: “It Is What I Call It.”

Platitude 4: “I'm right where I'm supposed to be.”
What this phrase assumes:
How many times have you heard this one? This self-declaration implies that there's something outside of us that is predetermining where we are supposed to be. People subscribing to this philosophy put their own instincts and sense of direction on hold, believing that something or someone “out there” has specifically designed an “experiential gauntlet” for them, so they won't stray too far from what they're supposed to do!
Get over it!
Stop “shoulding” on yourself! Who or what says you're where you're
supposed to be? The truth is that you are where you ARE. And you are where you are because of the choices you've made and the actions you've taken. There is no God “out there”, separate from us, that is predetermining our lives. God, Spirit, the Truth (whatever name you give to the Ultimate Oneness) does not have an individualized plan for your life anyone's. Our overall direction is our own spiritual unfoldment. And that direction is the same for all of us. We are here to express as much Good and as much Christ Consciousness as we can, based on the level of our consciousness, awareness, and growth.
Truth triage:
We are right where we are as a result of our own thoughts, feelings,
beliefs and choices. There is no external predetermining force. That
would be a farce. We are not puppets moved about by micro-managing puppeteer. We are right where we are because we are us being at the point of us. In that sense there is nowhere else we can be, unless we're beside ourselves because we're upset about something.
Replacement phrase: I'm Right Where I Choose to Be.