Theater Ministry

joy and tragedy masks

Join the Theater Ministry in presenting "Third from the Sun" on April 7--a performance to be held during the church service. 

"Third from the Sun"

"Third from the Sun" honors our sacred "Mother Earth," in remembrance of our Earth Day celebration. The play tells us nature is interconnected to the Divine, and to the Universe, and that all things human, living, or inanimate, are an expression of God. In a lighthearted and respectful narrative, "Third from the Sun," teaches that we must nurture, care for, and cherish all aspects of Life, as we would cherish and hold in high esteem, God, Source, in all Its glorious manifestations!

See Dr. Adrian Calabrese to register. Rehearsals are held at the church in Classroom #1. 
Open to all. No experience necessary. There is no fee, just a donation of your choice. 

See the Calendar for the specific rehearsal and performance schedule. Also, posted here: 

March 16, Saturday, 1-3 PM

March 17, Sunday, 1:30-3:30 PM

March 24, Sunday, 1:30-3:30 PM

March 30, Saturday, 1-3 PM

April 6, Saturday, 1-3 PM

April 7, Sunday Performance during service, 12-1 PM